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Free from mineral oil, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate. Dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested.


It was in 1967, at the MAVALA Laboratories in Geneva, that the iconic DOUBLE-LASH was born.

For the first time, a nutritive concentrate, to be applied at night using a spiral brush on perfectly cleaned lashes and left on to act during sleep, was created with the intention of stimulating the natural cell renewal cycle.


Double-Lash has a dual use - for lashes and for eyebrows!

Concentrated proteins, vitamins and glycolic acid stimulates the growth of lashes and eyebrows by coating, protecting and reinforcing them. This formulation has undergone a range of clinical and ophthalmological tests. Its has been proven to work due to the light thixotropic formula which acts with great effect on the structure and length of hair by shortening the telogen phase of the hair life (loss phase), in favour of the anagen (birth) and catagen (life) phases.


Besides being a major asset of seduction, what are lashes... and why do we have them?  

Lashes are hair that continually grow on the free edge of eyelids. Their function is to protect eyes by restricting the access to perspiration and to foreign body. Linked to eye blinking (around 30’000 times a day), they also reinforce the impermeability of eyelids, when closing, and protect the cornea from drying out. Like nails, lashes are appendages (or epidermal appendices) and are a natural production of human organism. One of its principal aspects is its rich content in keratin. MAVALA quite naturally devoted its attention towards developing treatments intended to reinforce and embellish lashes. 

Lashes in Numbers

The lifetime of a lash varies from 45 to 90 days, depending on the physiology of each one, age, lifestyle habits, make-up and removal habits, possible therapeutic care. The cycle starts with a growth phase (30 to 45 days), followed by a life phase, rest & ageing phase ending with unavoidable lash loss. Around 150 - 200 lashes of an average length of 8 - 12 mm, form the upper lashes against 100 - 150 lashes of an average length of 6 - 8 mm for the lower lashes. Each lash shows its own stage of evolution so we do not lose all our lashes at the same time, except in case of illness. 

A L L    P R O D U C T S    A R E   A V A I L A B L E    
T H R O U G H    A P P R O V E D    &    A P P O I N T E D    
S T O C K I S T S    C O U N T R Y W I D E

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