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Free from mineral oil, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate. Dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested.


As a natural extension to our nail care and beauty line of products,  MAVALA offers a range of specific hand care products that are specifically formulated to care for the demanding skin care needs of the hands by using revolutionary active ingredients researched by us in laboratory conditions.
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A daily care that moisturises and protects your hands 

The skin of our hands is very fragile due to the poor quality of the network of sebaceous glands making them dry out more easily. Furthermore, we often expose them to detergents, other cleaning products as well as weather variations and harmful sun rays, without adequate protection. These factors accelerate the dehydration of our hands, and the premature aging of the skin.
The Mavala Hand Cream is specially formulated for dry, damaged hands and sensitive skin. Its composition blends marine collagen, very moisturising, and allantoin, well-known for its healing properties, to soften dry skin and prevent redness and roughness. A perfectly homogenized product that penetrates and hydrates the skin, leaving a non-sticky film which protects hands from pollution and harsh treatment.


Extreme day treatment for very dry, very stressed hands 

For active hands, busy with gardening, manual or artistic tasks, outside sports and other activities. Mava+ Hand Cream protects and relieves reddened, irritated, dry hands or damaged by external factors (cold, sun, harsh climatic changes, wind, use of solvents and detergents). In fact, a botanical complex with patterson’s curse, sunflower oil and heart seed forms a protective and film-forming shield. Shea butter repairs, nourishes and smoothes hands. Bisabolol and vitamin E reduce redness and soothe the damaged epidermis further. Immediate and long-lasting benefits: calms, softens and soothes. Fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin.


Your cocoon of purity!

Purifying gel for hands, and also for surfaces. Fights bad odours. Ideal for travel, any leisure activities, before handling food and after washing hands with water and soap (drying effect) to regain the feeling of clean, smooth hands. This aroma-cosmetic care, with essential lemon oil, tones the nails and lightens dull hands. Helps control the growth of micro-organisms.


For smooth, young looking hands 

Pigmentary blemishes represent one of the major natural phenomena of skin ageing. Hormonal changes, too frequent exposure to the sun or exposure without protection are the source of increased disturbance of the skin’s natural pigmentation. So, with the passing of time, pigmentary blemishes, more commonly called brown spots, appear on the skin.  Anti-blemish Cream for hands tones down and prevents the appearance of pigmentary blemishes and does not contain any harsh chemicals. Its complex of botanical extracts (strawberry begonia, mulberry root, etc) helps regulate the natural pigmentation and unify the skin. An exfoliating agent and almond proteins allow a gentle peeling of dead skin overloaded with melanin, giving back radiance and suppleness. Edelweiss provides soothing and free radical scavenger properties and protecting filters prevent the reaction of melanic pigmentation due to ultraviolet rays. After a few weeks, the size and intensity of the blemishes will visibly diminish. Hands will be smoother and moisturized. Light and non greasy, this cream easily penetrates and leaves a protecting film on the skin.


Exfoliating and moisturising care

Hands, like the face, have the right to a specific exfoliating and moisturising treatment. Rejuvenating Mask for Hands provides an exfoliating action for a skin cleared from all impurities and dead skin, as well as a regenerating and moisturising action that helps delay the premature ageing of the skin. Your hands will be renewed, supple, extra soft and soothed.  The plastic gloves provided are specifically designed to cover your hands after application to allow the active ingredients to penetrate more efficiently. The result: radiant youthful hands!

A L L    P R O D U C T S    A R E   A V A I L A B L E    
T H R O U G H    A P P R O V E D    &    A P P O I N T E D    
S T O C K I S T S    C O U N T R Y W I D E

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