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Get your nails summer ready

Summer has finally arrived, but are your nails Summer ready? MAVALA Nail Care specialises in the maintenance of beautiful looking nails and offers a complete range of products to cater for all your nail needs. Our products allow you to easily perform your own nail treatment at home so that you can have the perfect summer nails. Treat yourself to a home manicure with our quality and professional products!

10 Tips for healthy strong nails

Did you know that the appearance of your nails can actually give an indication of your overall health?  There are a number of factors that contribute to your nailcare and MAVALA specialises in all you need to look after and maintain your nails.  Here are 10 tips to promote healthier nails:

# 1 Good nutrition

Your body is affected by what you eat, and this can directly affect your nails.  Eat a well-balanced diet filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Dietry deficiencies not only prevent nails from growing normally, but also cause weakness and brittleness, two of the most exasperating problems.

# 2 Stay Hydrated

Make sure to keep hydrated. Drinking enough water can maintain adequate moisture, without moisture your nails can become brittle and weak.

# 3 Minimise nail exposure to water

Try to use rubber gloves as much as possible when washing dishes or doing housework to minimise your nails exposure to water.

# 4 Use professional nail treatment products

Many nail treatments contain chemicals that can cause dry and brittle nails.  Choose a reputable brand that is gentle on your hands and offers nail care products that make your nails strong and healthy.

# 5 Worry more about health than length

The health of your nails is more important than the length. Focus on keeping your nails at a shorter length until they have become stronger and only then work on their length.

# 6 Moisturise often

Moisturise your hands and nails after washing to restore the moisture in your hands. Try using our Nailactan on the matrix and on the nail plate. The nail plate is composed of layers of compressed keratin cells, held together by natural oils and moisture which give the nail plate it suppleness, the outer layer is particular sensitive to outside elements. NAILACTAN – is composed of amino acids, lipids and kerato – balancing vitamins. It nourishes the nails and counteracts dryness.  MAVA – FLEX  moisturising serum for nails is a well balanced concentrate base of calcium, lemon essential oil and vitamin B5. It is a penetrating, strengthening and fortifying treatment. It targets the ideal moisture balance to restore and preserve the flexibility of the nail plate.

# 7 Dont us too many chemicals and sanitisers

Unfortunately, hand sanitiser is necessary and cannot be avoided.  But to this end you should always moisturise your hands after sanitising them. The alcohol in hand sanitisers dries out your hands. Try MAVALA hand cream, light and non – greasy which quickly penetrates the skin. This hand cream regulates cell metabolism. You will notice within a few days that the skin has become softer and more hydrated.

# 8 Your nails are not tools

Don’t use your nails to pry open bottles. Your nails are not tools. MAVALA offers various nail penetrating hardeners – the tips of your nails are the most fragile, most unprotected part of the nail and breaks easily. MAVALA SCIENTIFQUE hardens the nails immediately and bonds the three layers together. It helps prevent soft, flaking or split nails. One small bottle holds a year supply!

# 9 Look after your cuticles

It is important to never cut, remove, bite or pull at your cuticles. When you are doing a nail treatment rather gently roll back the cuticle and use MAVALA cuticle oil or MAVALA Cuticle cream to moisturise and protect them. Our Cuticle oil is also in Mavapen for convenience of use.

# 10 Give yourself a nail treatment

Giving yourself a regular nail treatment is an integral part of healthy strong nails. MAVALA offers products such as Nailshield and Mava-White optical nail whitener to keep your nails healthy and beautiful all year round. We also offer anti-nail-biting products and ridge filler to fill any gap so to speak. MAVALA Manicure Accessories are the best for your manicure needs and offer a vast range of products from nail polish removers, emery boards to nail clippers and nippers, MAVALA has you covered!

Nail art for 2020

2020 has brought with it some stylish nail art.  The most trending nail art of 2020 is pearl detail, gingham nails, zigzag nails, marble nails and animal print. Nude and white minimal detail is also a classic and firm favourite.

Summer colours

There is no better way than to celebrate Summer with colours.! MAVALA Nail Polish offers a wide range of colours from pale pinks, and bright reds to psychedelic and metallic rainbow colours.  Our nail polishes have been designed to minimise solvent evaporation making them last much longer than many other products.

Use our Oil Seal Dryer for an instant touch dry manicure experience as well as our 002 protective basecoat to prevent pigments in the nail polish from coming in direct contact with the nail platewhich causes stains. MAVALA 002 improves appearance of the nail polish and makes the manicure last longer. Our Colorfix  is a clear top coat that is reinforced with acryl and dries to form a hard flexible glaze that provides the nail colour with extra protective armour against chipping and peeling. TIP: Apply Colorfix 48hrs after your manicure, this will freshen and give a lasting glaze to your manicure.

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