Nail Polish Solutions


Worry-free nail polishes that not only keep you safe, but are kind to both the environment and animals.

MAVALA Mini Colours in the small golden cap bottle relies on a simple, yet great, idea. Nail polish, regardless of the quality, tends to dry out sooner or later, especially when the bottle is frequently opened. The MAVALA Mini Colours have been designed to minimise solvent evaporation and avoid this inconvenience. Because of its small size, you can use the whole content with no waste!

All MAVALA nail polishes, base coats and top coats allow nails to breathe. They contain a resin extracted from wood which adheres to the nail surface in the form of a flexible and resistant film which remains porous, allowing oxygen and water vapour to pass through the nail polish, to the nail plate. They are also free from toxic ingredients.

No Formaldehyde | No Toluene | No Phthalate (DBP) | No Formaldehyde Resin Tosylamide | No Camphor | No Xylene | No Paraben | No Rosin | No Nickel | No Triphenyl Phosphate | No Acetone | No Heptane | No Ethyl Tosylamide

Other important advantages include:

  • Because of their small size, it is very handy to keep with you for touch ups and emergencies.
  • It is affordable which means you can buy 2 or 3 at the same time.
  • A wide range of shades suit all tastes and styles to match seasons and trends.

MAVALA cares about our customers' health so our nail polishes are formulated only with carefully selected ingredients.

To see MAVALA nail care products, please use this link: MAVALA NAIL CARE

Note: All the MAVALA Mini Colours contain two small stainless steel balls, in order to efficiently mix the nail polish before use to break the thixotropy inherent to this product. This helps to restore its appropriate consistency and dazzling colour.