Hands can become rough and lack vitality. This is often caused by inadequate protection to sun rays or severe long-lasting contact with detergents. It can also be due to a brutal change of temperature or too frequent washes.


The Repairing Night Cream for Hands, used as an intensive 30-day cure, will help stimulate cell renewal and maintain the moisture of the skin, thanks to the hyaluronic acid, never used before in a hand treatment. For best results, apply this cream at night, then wear the cotton gloves specifically designed to enclose hands and enhance the effectiveness of the cream. The Anti-Spot Hand Cream contains a complex of botanical extracts (strawberry begonia, mulberry root) that helps regulate the natural pigmentation and unify the skin. An exfoliating agent and almond proteins allow a gentle peeling of dead skin overloaded with melanin, giving back radiance and suppleness. Apply this cream sparingly once a day to the back of your hands. After a few weeks, the size and intensity of the blemishes will visibly diminish. Hands will be smoother and moisturized.