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Shades of Spring-Summer 2021: Flower Magic and Pastel Fiesta

Shades of Spring-Summer 2021: Flower Magic and Pastel Fiesta

Express your passionate side with the cherry reds and orange-tinted shades from the Flower Magic Collection or choose a delicate colour from the Pastel Fiesta Collection to be reminded of ice creams and walks on the beach.
The challenge we most often face when painting our nails at home, which has become more commonplace since the onset of the pandemic, is deciding which shade to select out of the vast colour choices on offer, rather than the actual painting process that requires attention to detail and patience in order for our nails to appear professional and event worthy.

Do you prefer pastel nails or red nails? How about both!

Mavala’s latest Spring-Summer 2021 nail vanish collections, Flower Magic and Pastel Fiesta, have simplified choice by offering a combination of this year’s highly on-trend colours – red and pastel. Both timeless shades, classics since the iconic 70’s fashion era, these collections are what every woman should have on hand, ready for the yea-rend festivities.

Express your passion with the Flower Magic Collection

The Flower Magic Collection is a cocktail of five cherry red and orange-tinted shades. Rather than the deeper tones of red, this collection offers warm floral shades that are cheerful, fun, energetic and bold – a fun night out on a magical, summer evening in the city.

Red is a classic colour that is always on-trend, whether lighter cherry tones or the darker shades of burgundy. All tones of orange are also in for this Summer and have energized collections by Sportmax, Burberry and Altuzarra. Both vibrant colours have made their way on the 2021 runways and Summer is certain to be bright and blissful!

The Flower Magic Collection comprises the following shades:

Mavala Flower Magic Colors

Faro – An ardent red, true bloom of force and energy.
Mandalay – A blazing pink, dazzling embodiment of the joy of living.
Kingston – An incandescent marigold, saturated with sunlight.
Cartagena – A vibrant fuchsia, sparkling blossom of optimism.
Lugano – A flamboyant red, quintessence of passion.

Show off your delicate side with the Pastel Fiesta Collection

The Pastel Fiesta Collection is reminiscent of a summer holiday, with its six shades of soft, sugar pinks and lilacs. A fresh start, raspberry

ice-cream, candy floss and the smell of coconut scented sunscreen as the vacation by the ocean approaches. Mardi Gras, summer breezes, and walks on the beach wearing sandals and perfectly pastel painted toenails is what this collection is all about.

Pastels were predicted on winter 2020 fashion runways and are expected to remain on-trend to the end of 2021. Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks saw a diverse assortment of pastel colours in designer collections by Versace Resort, Victoria Beckham and Molly Goddard. The soft colours are soothing and optimistic and complement a variety of skin tones.

The Pastel Fiesta Collection comprises the following shades:

Mavala Pastel Fiesta Collection

Brighton – An intense mauve, the echo of a blossoming nature.
Gotland – A soft blue lilac, so light and airy, purity of a spring sky.
Hamptons – A pale and candid pink, reflecting tenderness and femininity.
Biarritz – A soft grey-beige, timeless and delicate, serenely anchored in the present.
Taormina – A sweet and luminous raspberry pink, delicious fruity temptation.
Rimini – A delicate pale mauve, reassuring dream, with a touch of enchantment.

The shades of both collections, Flower Magic and Pastel Fiesta, celebrate Spring and Summer with their array of colour, yet remain elegant with their subtle tones. Both collections also contain a super long last and shine that create a dreamy and glossy finish.

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