Hands can become damaged and dry out and therefore crack and chap, often caused by washing hands in too hot or too cold water, or just from the effect of passing from a heated room to the cold of outdoors. This condition may also arise from frequent, unprotected exposure to sun, detergents or water or from a demanding professional activity.


Repairing Night Cream for Hands is recommended as a 30-day intensive cure for the treatment of very dry and damaged hands. It helps stimulate cell renewal and preserves moisture, due to hyaluronic acid, never used before for a hand treatment. Apply this cream preferably at night, then wear the cotton gloves specially designed to enclose hands and highlight benefits. As a complementary day product, use MAVA+ Hand Cream which protects and relieves dry or damaged hands. Apply a small amount of this cream on the back of your hand and generously massage concentrating on very dry, very irritated areas. Apply as often as you wish.